Teleste On-board passenger information

Our passenger information system is based on modular software architecture, which makes it possible to use it for different kinds of applications, depending on the needs. The automated functionalities provide several combinable event triggering conditions varying from vehicle location to door status and speed. Automatic events are completed with Public Address and Display subsystems.

Key benefits

Automatic functionalities and events for smooth system management

Our on-board passenger information system supports automated functionalities based on train position tracking. You can also configure various event triggering conditions from vehicle location to status of doors and train speed. Automatic events are completed with on-board public address and displays.

Open, modular architecture meets versatile needs

Our on-board passenger information system is based on open and modular software architecture. This makes it applicable tor different kinds of applications and a variety of needs and allows integration of external on-board subsystems to your Teleste on-board solution. The open architecture also secures interoperability of the system with any city or nationwide system.

Standard interfaces for interconnectivity

Our on-board passenger system can be fully interconnected through standard interfaces. This allows you to deliver commands to on-board system from ground, and receive real-time information about the status of the on-board system to ground. Integration to our audio communications subsystem is also possible via VoIP/SIP interface.

Automatic and manual control for flexible communications

Our on-board passenger information system can be controlled automatically. In cases where, for example, on-demand announcements are needed, the system can be operated manually through Crew UI or via operational control center.

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