Teleste S-VMX video management system

Teleste S-VMX is an IP video management system based on open architecture. It provides a smart and scalable solution serving both video security specialists and IT professionals.

  • Advanced video and data management and support for integrated video and data solutions and analytics features
  • Mission critical and available 24/7 with information from different types of video surveillance equipment, video cameras, mobile cameras, subsystems and applications
  • Flexible addition of system components including an unlimited number of cameras, users and applications even from third parties
  • Unified umbrella for multi-site environments including an unlimited number of subsystems
  • Smooth cooperation between stakeholders with possibility to integrate your security system to other security and operational systems
  • Ideal for critical infrastructure updates with support for underlying legacy systems, regardless whether these are analogue or IP-based


Protecting data and system integrity

With special focus on personal data protection, our state-of-the-art cryptographic technologies will ensure that all your data stays safe and protected against cyber threats. Additional layers of protection allow to encrypt both internal and external communication.

Flexibility and Ease of use

Our S-VMX user interface can be personalised to the specific needs of your control room. You can utilise our standard templates or create user-specific layouts based on your individual needs. Additional flexibility can be achieved by integrating third-party systems or broadcast TV into unified UI.

Scalability beyond expectation

S-VMX grows modularly as needed from small to nation-wide system. With support for unlimited number of cameras and users together with distributed architecture, you can extend your system to multiple federated sites and share resources between different organisations. Further scalability is available by integrating third party systems.

Integration capability

ONVIF compliance as the baseline provides interoperability with vast pool of third-party equipment. Additional integration options are available through our standards-based protocols and integration tools, or by using vendor specific API/SDK.

Aware of mission-critical infrastructure

Our monitoring tool is an add-on software functionality providing security operators with instant awareness to their system’s health and performance through a configurable dashboard view.

With 24/7 peace of mind

Our solution offers a variety of functionalities, both software and hardware, to tackle hardware failures. The distributed nature of our architecture guarantees that you never loose recordings or access to live video in case of server failure. Your peace of mind is topped up with our professional services.

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Our IP-based video security solution allows you to build a future-proof security ecosystem. In addition to the powerful video core, our solution offers a rich selection of smart features and functionalities that allow you to monitor and manage situations in real time.